Thursday, October 26, 2017

Elflandia Auditions

Winter Concert Auditions!

Calling all grade 3, 4 and 5 students who love to act and perform. 

1.        Choose a part: Elf 1 or Elf 2.
2.       Memorize
3.        Practice with a partner.
4.        Sign up for an audition spot outside the Music Room.

 Auditions are Wednesday, Nov.1, Thursday, Nov. 2 & Friday, Nov. 3.

 Remember to speak with expression
and add actions!

Elf 1:  Hey Jingle, what are reading?
          Is it fiction or is it fact?

Elf 2:  Oh, it's a book about human beings,
         And about the way they act.

Elf 1:  Oh it really must be fiction then.
          Real humans are inconceivable.

Elf 2:  No human could actually exist.
          The things they do are unbelievable!

Elf 1:  I'm telling you, I think they are real! I heard their songs and cheers!
          I heard them singing holiday songs with my very own pointed ears!

Elf 2:  But have you actually ever seen a real human being?
          It's hard to believe in anything that you are not really seeing.

Elf 1:  Once I saw some tracks in the snow
          That must have been 10 inches long!

Elf 2:  And I heard a giant person singing
          A totally human song.

Elf 1: Really? What did it sound like?

Elf 2:  It was a little bit scary, but it went something like this.
            (very loudly) DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY! 
          FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!

Elf 1:  YIKES! That IS scary! No elf would ever make a sound like that.
          Are you sure it wasn't the wail of a cat?

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